Blessed Christmas Season from Contemplative Outreach NM

We have journeyed through the darkness of Advent together as a community here in NM. We have emerged into the glorious light of the Christmas season. We have celebrated the joy of Chanuka. The days are getting longer and each dawn brings peace to our hearts, the sun warms our souls and the stars at night glow from a magnificant clear NM sky. We need only step outside our doors and look up. We gather once again in our person to person groups as we continue to meet weekly over zoom. We pray for our world, for our country, for each other that in the silence we hear the message of peace, and allow love to transform us. We wish each of you many blessings in this new year. 

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Contemplative Outreach of New Mexico
is under the guidance of Contemplative Outreach, Ltd., a world wide spiritual network. Contemplative Outreach was established to bring this ancient prayer practice out of the monastic milieu to those in our contemporary society.

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